The winery was created in 2002 to produce Pinot Noir from the best vineyards in California. This singular concept has broadened over the years to include many obscure varieties, forgotten vineyards and no-sulfite wines. But the real story of Harrington Wines is a tale of friendships created by a shared fascination with wine. All Harrington wines have been produced by a sturdy core of good friends/wine zealots who get up off the couch each Fall to bounce around ideas and join with me to make an ever-growing list of arcane wines with names that are becoming increasing difficult to pronounce. Over the past ten years, Ken Zinns, Al Osterheld, Wes Barton, Alan Garretson, Terry Mahoney, Russell Obana, Tom Leaf and many others have jumped down the rabbit hole with me and have devoted time, energy and thought to help produce these wines. Toast to these stalwart comrades and to all warm friendships when enjoying a Harrington wine.